- Structural and functional brain connectivity measures

- Progress and challenges in EEG/MEG source imaging

- Neurophysiology of cognition and emotions

- Advances in the modeling of the brain activity

- Multimodal neuroimaging: research and clinical application

- Neurostimulation and neuromodulation

- Microstates, celebrating the first fifty years of a method of studying brain activity

- Innovations in brain activity (tele)monitoring

- Pharmacogenetic profiling

- Optogenetics

- EEG/MEG and brain imaging biomarkers of psychopathology: from basic to clinical neuroscience

- EEG/MEG and brain imaging endophenotypes in precision medicine: standard and new findings

- Clinical application of EEG/MEG and brain imaging findings

- EEG/MEG and brain imaging biomarkers of conversion to psychosis and dementia

- Brain plasticity, basic and clinical imaging of disability

- EEG/MEG and brain imaging biomarkers in children with cognitive disorders

- Translational neurophysiology

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